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Rebeka Refuse
transgender adult model

Anonymous asked: maybe if you learned to love your mouth, instead of pretending to be a having teeth, you would not have to extort your followers to remind you of these fake dentist

why couldnt i just accept i am gay instead

Anonymous asked: why did you grow teeth just so you could get people to remind you to go to the dentist. kids without any teeth are tsarving to death and here you are, running a fundraiser,

i grew teeth because i was indoctrinated by the united states public education system to do so. you see children sometimes, with very few teeth in their mouths, or maybe just a few small ones. these children, they are still pure. they are being told every day by their teachers to grow these teeth, so that they can use them to eat the chemicals which are in their food, and to listen what the media tells them. its sad, really

i changed the title of my page !

longlive-27 asked: you don't have to go to the dentist if you don't want to really. like, it's whatever right?

yeah but the problem with that is i want to go to heaven



i recently reached $5,000 on my surgery fundraiser! that is almost 17% to my goal! I still have nearly 25k to go to be able to afford my facial feminization surgery (which is necessary for my well-being). 

I am actually starting to look in to some of the practical aspects of doing this now (like, what surgeon I am going to see, where I am going to stay, et cetera) which is an amazing thing to experience after being despondent for years over the idea I would never be able to afford this on my own.

if you can easily afford to spare a couple dollars please do that (if all of my followers donated just $10 I would have more than enough to get this surgery) and if not please continue to signal boost my posts about this. Thank you so much 👼

i like it when people yell at me for having a surgery fundraiser because it reminds me to reblog posts about my surgery fundraiser. and as you all know, i love being reminded of stuff

i havent been on @TumblrTXT in a while, i guess for not being edgy enough. so here it goes: superwholock juche will defeat the normalgenders

Anonymous asked: ok: would you rather lick ayn rands arm for no less than five (5) seconds or eat a live bee

ive heard that you can do these things in skyrim

i ship Sailor Moon with Popeye. because they are both sailors, and im just a simple blogger who wants sailors to love one another. #StopSailorHate2k14

i dont honestly believe in “internet security”. the best defense is a good offense, i say. load your computer with extremely infectious viruses