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Rebeka Refuse
transgender adult model

in response to the calls for boycott against gofundme for refusing to remove the fundraiser supporting racist killer darren wilson, i would like to encourage people who wish to support my surgery fundraiser to donate via paypal (my email address is rebeka.refuse@gmail.com). 

any donations sent via paypal (or bitcoin, or any other third party method) will be recorded on my fundraiser page but gofundme will not receive any fees from these donations

thank you

i dont believe in eating meat. it isnt real



the idea of being right-handed or left-handed is so fucked up. like how in the hell is it evolutionarily advantageous to have one hand that’s good at everything and one that’s fucking useless. why aren’t we all dead.

it isn’t and thats why evolution is fake and god is real

sadkids420 asked: is it refuse like garbage or refuse like refusing to do something

its “refuse” as in i refuse to get up out of the pile of garbage bags i live on top of and take a damn shower

Need Couch - Chico Ca


hi everyone  my name is Aly i am a 23 yo transgender  m/f and i recently have been going thru a lot of family issues and my granpa passing away his wife took all my families money so not i have little to no help I was staying with family but recent people moving in has made no room so i have to go on the street it is my only option. I am a careing compassionate and loving person I would do anything i would do anything I could to help out around the place I respect people and there privacy and space  I will fallow any rules and respect your home. If anyone can helo me i would be forever greatful and so happy. I will be trying to start school and look for work asap if you can in anyways help for i will be on streets soon please contact me at 15309651757  thanks and have a beautiful day.

Need Couch asap Greater Hartford area. (Ie Hartford, West Hartford, East Hartford, New Britan, Middletown ect)


Hi there its Chelsea again just wanna update my situation and say I need a couch as soon as possible, I am in the shelter now and I feel unsafe there because I am getting looked at like I am a object by the other side of the building which houses department of corrections people there and I don’t wanna put up with this anymore. I am 20 trans girl sober only allergy is to cats need help asap.



Hi, I’m a nonbinary PoC who is going to be homeless come end of this month/september 1st
My plan for college and dorms fell through recently, and this left me in a place where i don’t have enough time to save up for a security deposit and first months rent.
And the person I am currently staying with is moving on the 29th
I can pay partial rent while i’m saving up for a place of my own
I’m 22 and work part-time(soon to be fulltime)
i don’t have very many resources and people to go to here.
I can also cook and clean.

you can contact me through tumblr for more contact info here [x]

NEED COUCH/RESOURCES - North Carolina or Surrounding


Hello. My name is Luca. I am ftm. I’ve recently become homeless. Due to the circumstances of my previous living arrangements, I don’t have a job or any means of transportation. I live in a very conservative area, which isn’t exactly LGBT friendly, so I’m scared to go to a shelter, and I’m afraid if I use all my money to get to another city, they won’t have space and I won’t have money to move again. I’m in need of a couch, bed, even floor I can crash at temporarily for free until I can find work, preferably one with public transportation because of lack of transportation on my end. I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs, and I’d prefer to be in a home these things aren’t done (at least not much) for safety reasons. I don’t have any allergies, so pets aren’t a problem. Since I don’t have much money to my name (literally just enough to get a bus up to your place), I can’t pay you until I find work, but you will be paid back, and until work is found, I will do the cooking, housecleaning, babysitting, etc. Whatever is needed. Contact me at nihiliumone@gmail.com

NEED COUCH - Georgia


I’m Ash, 17 pre-T. My mom is kicking me out next month when I turn 18 and have absolutely no family and nowhere to go. I prefer local. I live in Marietta, GA. Atlanta and Smyrna is fine. You can either go to my tumblr and shoot me an ask wiltingboy.tumblr.com or email me at misa_19_96@yahoo.com.