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Rebeka Refuse
transgender adult model

Anonymous asked: why do you use the term whore for yrself? have you been a streetwalker, dealt with in/outcall, or had to regularly see clients? i'm a sex worker who has been on and off the streets and seen clients since the age of 11.. i believe whore is not porn/cam worker's place to reclaim. online sex work is clearly still sex work, but it's really disingenuous to act like there's no difference between the physical dangers & added distress of working irl and the relative safety of industry sets & camming

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Anonymous asked: what changes are you going to make with your surgery? sorry if this is rude i was just wondering!!

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my surgery fundraiser


hi, im tumblr user jobhaver aka rebeka refuse. im posting a surgery fundraiser on this website today for facial feminization surgeries. i want to be able to afford feminizing surgical procedures for my face because, as a trans woman, i experience extreme dysphoria about my face.

the way my face looks is my number one source of dysphoria and it interferes with my life often. for quite a long period of time i refused to leave the house at all because i didn’t want anyone to see my face. i get extremely upset often, often to the point of tears, when i see my face in mirrors or photographs. i get extremely anxious when people look at me, even sometimes people who are very close to me, because i dont want them seeing my face the way that i see it.

the primary reason i stopped working in the service industry and started doing ‘adult work’ was because i wasn’t making a living wage before and so it would have been impossible for me to afford the surgery i needed to treat my dysphoria and feel comfortable with how i looked and less anxious and self conscious about it.

i have been working in the adult industry for approximately a year now and have escalated my involvement into more and more risky forms of sex work multiple times, each time fueled by an experience of intense dysphoria and despair over being no closer to my goal of being able to afford surgery for myself. despite the fact i am trying to do just about every form of adult work i can think of and am capable of doing, and am now making a living wage, i still am no closer to my goal of saving for this surgery.

i really need help with this, because its theoretically an obtainable thing that can treat my dysphoria, and because it has been out of my reach for so long. the fact that despite so much effort to further my career in the adult industry i am still nowhere closer to getting these procedures has been extremely depressing. im not food unstable or homeless or anything like that anymore, but this is something that i need badly and have needed badly for years and can’t afford.

please donate a little bit if you can afford it and if not please signal boost this for me. thank you so much <3


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