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hyp-hens asked: Regarding labour as the root of gender: what of women in male-dominated workplaces? I'm a trans woman and a programmer, there are few other women programmers where I work. Are we somehow less women? (Feel free to just say 'yes', I won't be offended.)

im very uncomfortable with the suggestion that trans women in STEM fields universally occupy some sort of male social position. the gendered division of labor is not something that occurs exclusively by way of gendering specific fields of labor. for instance, even though most people who are paid to have sex with men are women, not all of them are.

in cases where a woman is in a typically male dominated field generally very specific forms of labor tend to be delegated to her, forms of labor which are less rewarded by society. women in male dominated fields are also less likely to receive credit for ideas and innovations in their field and the social and monetary rewards for that labor is transferred directly to their male colleagues.

women in male dominated fields are also more likely to be performing more unpaid gendered labor outside of the workplace (e.g., domestic, aesthetic, emotional, and reproductive) and still form a part of the reserve labor corps for the sex industry. many of the trans women i personally know, for example, who work in STEM fields are also concurrently working in the sex industry in various capacities.

its inaccurate to say that in these cases a woman in a male dominated field is not a woman despite being in a field which is male dominated labor is still being alienated to them by men which is broadly socially defined as women’s labor and in many cases value is being extracted from the labor in which they perform by men

Anonymous asked: I'm trying to understand your analysis/definition of womenhood as a relationship with socioeconomic power-holders. Are you suggesting that those who identify with womanhood are really identifying with a position in a hierarchy? Or that those who identify as women identify with something else that doesn't necessarily have to be defined by it's position in existing social hierarchies but in the context of the society we live in it is positioned as such by the relationships you've described?

i dont believe that “gender identity” as it is commonly understood is an essential or immutable property that people have or which is real but that there are a variety of gendered terms which people can use to describe themselves  and their position within gendered divisions in the political economy or cultural expressions of those positions and those can be valid.

for example, its valid for me to say “i’m a woman” even though i think that the position of woman is socially constructed and oppressive and i dont think there is any metaphysical or essential property of womanhood that i possess because its a position that i occupy in society

today at church the priest just went on about how if you make jokes about jesus smoking weed on the internet today you are probably going to hell

accidentally ended up at a mass with like, contemporary christian folk music and its really uncomfortable.

Anonymous asked: "i am forced to do this by my economic condition and i also don’t suggest or identify with this position at all." so if you were rich, would you be a man? i'm so confused.

womanhood is an economic and political condition that is determined by forces and relationships other than the amount of wealth one has access to. bourgeois women, for example, still have a disproportionate amount of aesthetic, domestic, emotional, sexual and reproductive labor alienated to them by men and have their position as women enforced by violence.

for the most part however, bourgeois women do not experience the situation of having value extracted from their labor in this relationship because, by way of their having access to capital, they are positioned as net exploiters of labor value

i couldnt decide whether post easter jokes or weed jokes today so i decided to go to church instead of making posts

today, easter sunday, is the largest and most important pastel goth feast on the western liturgical calendar



hello, name is alexa and i’m an 18 year old trans girl trying to move out of an ignorant and close minded household by the end of may and try to make it on my own. im looking for a place to stay for a couple weeks anywhere in new york. i can’t afford to pay rent currently but i can afford my own food and i can also help with chores and do your groceries. im ok with animals and smoking/drugs and i don’t have allergies to anything. if someone is able to offer me a place to stay temporarily until i get on my feet i will really appreciate it! you can email me at amalfacini@yahoo.com or send me an ask on elite-porcelain

NEED COUCH - Minneapolis, MN


Hi my name is Phillis and I’m a 23 year old queer trans woman. I need at least a floor to crash on sometime in the next couple weeks, for a couple weeks to a month or so depending on what happens with my employment and financial situations. I can provide my own air bed and I’m a pretty good cook who works with all sorts of dietary restrictions if you need any kind of contribution to your household. Everything friendly. You can contact me here on tumblr (princess-chodestool) or via email (phillisrydstrom at gmail)